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My Journey Through Surrogacy
by: Jenn

Moving Forward...Finally!

So, the embryos were safely shipped to Dallas and I made my first appointment with the new doctor. He did an exam and a mock transfer. It just happened to be day 21 in my cycle, so I was given a Lupron kit and told how to give myself the shots. I was to start them the next day. Ordinarily, we wouldn't need to use Lupron for a frozen cycle, but, because the clinic was closed during the week of Thanksgiving, we didn't want to take the chance that my body would be ready for a transfer when the clinic was closed. Scheduling is apparently more flexible when you use the lupron. We were planning to try scheduling the transfer before Thanksgiving, but, my lining was not ready, so I had to continue the meds (was also taking estrogen by this time) until after the holiday. Five days before the transfer, I began the progesterone shots. They are pretty big and Joey had to give them to me. If a pregnancy occurred, I would stay on the progesterone and estrogen until approx. the 12th week. Otherwise, I would stop them after the negative test. We transferred 3 perfect embryos in early December. Bev came down and helped out while I was on bed rest for 2 days. We had a wonderful visit and our hopes for a positive result were soaring!!! Two weeks later came the shocking news. It didn't work. :o( We were all very disappointed. They actually took it better than I did. I know now that it was quite naive of me to *expect* it to work on the first time. Gradually, the disappointment faded and was replaced by eagerness to try again. We would have to wait 2 months.
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