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by: Jenn

31 Week 1 Day Update - 10/28/98

Just wanted to fill you in on our latest news.  We had a dr's appt today.  All went pretty well.  The ultrasound showed Madeline to be a whopping 4lbs 15oz and Scott is 4lbs 3oz.  Both are big for their gestational age...esp. Madeline!!!   Scott is in the 64th percentile and Madeline is in the 90th percentile! Madeline is head down and her head is engaged.  Scott is now breech (no more foot under my ribs, thank goodness!). My cervix is dilated 3cm and 70% effaced so I am to take it REAL easy from now on.  Dr. says it may be tomorrow....may be 4 more weeks.  There is no way to tell for sure, but, he says that my chances of reaching our planned c-section date (of 38 weeks) is virtually 0.  He also told me that if I start having contractions pretty close together, don't bother monitoring or even calling the dr/hospital...just go on in!  I hope these kiddos can stay in at least 3 more weeks (34 weeks), but, I guess we have to be *on alert* at all times, at this point.  I go in tomorrow for my first steroid shot and we will bring the meds and syringe home for another shot on Friday.  After that, I will be receiving them at my weekly appts. That's all for now...until next time!
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