It's a BOY!!! It's a BOY!!!
Baby's Name
Enzo Rion Alvarez
Date of Birth
February 11, 2009
Special Surrogate
Kim Merrill
Time of Birth
Baby's weight
6 lbs. 14 oz.
Baby's Length
19 3/4 inches
New Parent's comments:

Kim Merrill, the surrogate, is the mother of Heather Alvarez, the parent. Kim carried her own grandchild for her daughter, since Heather couldn't carry a pregnancy on her own.

Birth Story:

After 4 pregnancys (2 miscarriages and 2 that ended at 22 weeks, Marco and Heather Alvarez were desperate to have a baby, after researching their options, Heather's mom, kim volunteered to be a surrogate for them, The process started in February 08, the egg transplant worked the very first time, and now they have a beautiful, miraculous baby boy.

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