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Thread: First period after polyp removal

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    Default First period after polyp removal

    I am scheduled to have a polyp removed July 10th. I was talking to my agency director, and she said that I might not get my period on the scheduled day which would be around July 22nd-23rd. I might get it 2 weeks later. That would mean that the transfer would be pushed back 2 weeks as well. I was wondering if you had a polyp removed, how long after did you get your period? Also, did the surgery affect your lining check? I am worried that when I start taking meds, that my lining won't be as good as it would've been if I didn't have the polyp removed?

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    It did NOT delay my cycle. I understand that it does because sometimes they will remove whatever lining is there at the time of surgery hence shed it for you instead of your body naturally doing it. Are you on the pill? If you are then you should be just fine. It did not effect my lining either. Although it was a little thinner than usually in the end transfer was still a great success :). I will say I have been told like after a d&c or anything removed from the uterus it usually makes you more fertile because they are cleaning you out per say. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you have SMOOTH SAILING sweety!!! Look forward to rooting you on in your cycle :)!!
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    I had a period a week after having polyp surgery, but it didn't count according to the clinic. I had to wait an entire month to start another cycle. My lining was much more even and thinner the second time around, which was exactly like the clinic wanted it.

    Good luck. :)

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