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Thread: Senior Graduation Questions

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    Default Senior Graduation Questions

    Okay, I did not have one (graduated early, was in bootcamp with my classmates did the ceremony) so I'm not sure what protocol is when it comes to hosting an Open House and sending out Graduation Announcements.

    My DD graduates May 9th.
    I'm hoping to have the announcements out by March 9th, 2 months in advance. What should I included on the announcement or in the envelope?

    Who do I send them too? Just family and close friends? Everyone?

    I'm going to do an Open House. We have 9 high schools in this town with Graduations happening all day, every day for the 2nd week of May. I was thinking of doing the Open House on May 10, the day after her Graduation. Would this be an appropriate time? How long? 3 -5 hours seem reasonable?

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    sending announcements out 2 mths in advance seems pefect timng , maybe sooner if possible for family members who may have to fly out. Also about the party being day after i would ask your child if their friends are having their parties then , if so i would do it maybe 2 days later.

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