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Thread: Question about UK surrogacy

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    Default Question about UK surrogacy

    Do we have any surrogates or IPs who have recently been in a match with US surrogate and UK IPs?

    After reading this I'm curious if anyone has had issues with this? Or has it been everyone's experience that entry back into the UK with the baby/ies is fine and parentage is not being stopped? I'd like to hear any and all first hand experiences with this.


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    My 2nd surrogacy was for a UK couple. Well she was actually from here, married an English guy and lived over there. She kept her American citizenship. I know they did have to apply for a visa for the baby to be brought back into the country, but other than that they had no problems or issues. I do remember they told me that they had to find a surro here that was single. They couldn't use a married surro

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