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Thread: Feedback Thread - Attorney Pamela J. Walker

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    Default Feedback Thread - Attorney Pamela J. Walker
    Pam Walker
    Phone: (515) 224-2079
    Pam practices primarily in Employment, Personal Injury, and Surrogacy.

    In an effort to have a dedicated feedback thread for each of the attorney's in this thread: I am starting threads asking for your experience with this attorney (good, bad, comments, etc.). Please post here any information you feel comfortable sharing!

    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by lovemysurro View Post
    We need help finding attorneys in Iowa. We've talked with Pam Walker and we were not impressed at all. We've tried calling Carmen Jensan 4-5 times now and can't get her to return our calls. Are there any other surrogate attorneys in Iowa? Please help!
    Quote Originally Posted by Angy View Post
    Those are the 2 main ones I know of. I have worked with them both. Both have their minus' I won't say plus' because we had problems with both of them. It took me a few months to get a hold of Carmen, but once we connected she got to work right away! But I guess my IF's had issues with the PBO, although not sure what. Pamela, made lots of mistakes on the changes I wanted to my contract. It took us way longer because it didn't seem like she was reading my emails and making the changes. Both got the job done, it was just slow and took lots of persistence on my part!
    Quote Originally Posted by Angy View Post
    Iowa here...

    First time I used Carmen Janssen. Second time I used Pam Walker. Both take FOREVER to get ahold of and do things right! I will say I believe Pam is a bit faster than Carmen, but doing contracts I kept having Pam re-do things because she wasn't "reading" my emails and changing what I wanted, so contracts took longer to do. Carmen is horrible to get ahold of. You have to keep being on her to get thigns done. My IF's had her do the pre-birth order and they finally got the birth certificate last saturday. Seems Carmen kept sending the wrong things in, not doing it right.

    They are both decent, but I wish there was someone else because I was not truly happy with either...but I don't think there is anyone else. I just expected a bit more.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jamarie View Post
    I have used different Iowa lawyers for each of my surrogacies. They are all located in Des Moines. First time we used Pamela J. Walker, second time we used Nan Tiernan (don't recommend) and this time we are using Carmen Janssen. Contracts went smoothly, but I'm only 19 weeks and we are just getting ready to work on the pre-birth order. Hopefully it all goes smoothly!
    Quote Originally Posted by Steffipooh View Post
    Pamela Walker in Des Moines. Here is her info from Google.

    3737 Woodland Ave # 630
    West Des Moines, IA 50266-1937
    (515) 224-2079

    She did our PBO. No problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jill View Post
    I am using Pam Walker and my IP's are using Carmen Janssen(sp)
    We are just finishing up the corrections in the contract. But everyhting has been done via e-mail which is nice.


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    Default Pam Walker

    Pam Walker is the worst attorney ever and a liar. She is in Iowa. She promised she could get as a PBO without any problem. She said she's been doing this since ever. The thing is that she charged us usd3.500 and 3 weeks before our SM was delivering she said the court didn't give her our PBO. That she didn't know why. After some research an attorney in Iowa told me she messed up things with the judge. It was a headache because we had to changed plans at last minute. On the other hand when I asked her for my money back because I paid her to get as a PBO. She said she worked hard so she wouldn't send our money back. Did she really worked that hard? did she deserve those usd3.500 for no result at all? The poor SM was the one who deserve them. She ended delivering in IL to avoid adoption for the IP. Only because Pam Walker messed things up. After it I started hearing many other bad experiences with her. She is a really bad attorney. I wouldn't recommend her neither to my enemy.

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    Paula is the one lying to you all. I told her, as I have told every surrogate or IP that I have talked to that there are no laws in Iowa and whether or not I get the PBO depends upon the judge. Up until Paula, I then informed everyone that I have gotten the PBO every time. Now I tell them every time but once. I have done well over 50 of these now over a 10+ year period, and Paula's remains the only one that the judge would not sign. It had absolutely nothing to do with the work I did. The judge just wouldn't sign the order without some statutory authority to do so. She would not acknowledge her equitable powers to do so. In addition, the fee agreement that I sent to Paula specifically states there are no guarantees. Specifically, and this is copied directly from the fee agreement with her:

    "7. NO GUARANTEE. Attorney makes no guarantee as to the outcome of the case or the ability to obtain the Orders that are requested from the Court."

    In addition, I did not represent Paula, but represented the surrogate so Paula should have been checking with her own attorney. The only reason there was a fee agreement with Paula was because she was the one paying the fees and the agreement was done so that she understood I represented the surrogate and not her, even though she was paying my fees.

    I talked with Paula every time she called and answered her e-mails up until the time it got to a point where she was harassing me. I spent hours on the phone with her and had some very lengthy e-mails that I sent to her as well. Seems kind of strange that I could do over 50 of these without a problem and then somehow mess everything up and not be able to get Paula her PBO. That doesn't make much sense does it? I use the same paperwork every time. If any of you are looking for an attorney in Iowa and are hesitant in hiring me, please let me know and I can give you a long list of persons who had no problems whatsoever and were very thankful for my help.

    For those of you who are expressing other concerns and not totally satisfied, I really wish you would have said something at the time. There is no way to know why things happened as they did now as I'm sure I won't remember because I do so many of these. All I can do is apologize and listen to what you are saying and try to better for the next person. Thanks to those of you who are giving constructive criticism.

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