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Thread: Modern Family Surrogacy Center - Agency Feedback Please

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    Default Modern Family Surrogacy Center - Agency Feedback Please

    In an effort to have a dedicated feedback thread for each of the agency's in this thread: I am starting threads asking for your experience with this agency (good, bad, comments, etc.). Please post here any information you feel comfortable sharing!

    Thank you! :sunshine:

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    They are wonderful! Modern Family Surrogacy Center is a wonderful agency- all of their employees are warm, friendly, and supportive. They are truly in this business for all of the right reasons- they want to help make families! I can't speak from the IP's side- but I have heard great things from IPs they have worked with- and, personally, from the surro's side they never make you feel like an less than part of a family. You never feel like you are there to make them money, or just part of their job- you feel like you have a group of friends there to help you along with this process.

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    Default I highly recommend Modern Family Surrogacy Center

    I am currently using Modern Family Surrogacy Center for my second journey and LOVE them. I went through a different agency for my first journey (was very disapointed), now I am very happy with MFS for my second journey. MFS has everything I was hoping for; the employees have been surrogates before so they understand what a surrogate has to go through and all the emotions that come with it. You can tell they LOVE what they do, it shows with how they interact with you and guide you through each step. They pride themselves on their support for surrogates ~and it shows. An example; they had one surrogate who was on bed rest in the hospital with triplets, they set up a movie night for the agency employees and surrogates to come to her hospital room to be with her and all hang out. They also visited her weekly and brought her food each time!! WHO DOES THAT? CARING individuals do, that's who!! They have monthly support groups as well as other meetings for surrogates and their families. If I ever need to speak with them they will speak with me right away or will call me back as soon as they can. I don't have to wait days to talk with someone. I really liked the fact that they have an open match policy. I never felt pushed or pressured into a match and I felt MFS knew me enough that they were able to show me possible IPS with similar wants and needs. I am extremely happy I am with this agency, this is what I was hoping for all along; honest, caring, reliable, organized individuals!

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    Default From an IP's standpoint, they are the BEST

    I am the father of the triplets referred to in one of the posts above. My surrogate was admitted to the hospital at week 23 with an incomplete cervix. It was a total surprise and shock to everyone. We live out of town and were only able to see our surro on weekends so it was extremely important to us that she have as much support as possible in our absence. She had a young son and a career and the thought of weeks of bedrest would send anyone over the edge so we needed as much support as we could find.
    Although their part of the journey (the Match) was completed, MFS was there every week to support her (and us). In addition to organizing (and attending) weekly movie nights, they coordinated weekly/daily food delivery to keep our surro fed (hospital food is dreadful). They made daily visits to her bedside bringing treats, mail, games, body pillows etc. They even included neighboring bed restricted surrogates (that were never visited by their agency or foreign resident IP's for that matter) in the weekly movie nights as well.
    Our surro lasted for 7 LONG weeks! She did so through her own sheer determination and will but it was with love and support from her friends and fellow surros at MFS that her stay was as comfortable/enjoyable as it was.
    After our surro was released from the hospital, MFS drove her to/from the hospital to deliver badly needed breast milk to our babies and sat with them for hours when we couldn't be there.
    Surrogate agencies ARE businesses and anyone who says differently is not stating the fact. However, there are businesses that exist solely for the money and those that co-exist with a heart. Modern Family Surrogacy Center is the one of the latter. They are small, hands-on and they care. They go out of their way to help their surros and their IP's and they do so every day. In my humble opinion, we would not have our healthy 8 week old G/B/G triplets without them. They matched us with THE BEST surro ever and they supported us from day one until the day our kids were released from the NICU. They are, simply, the best.
    (formerly Daddy2BX3)

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    Default Wonderful experience so far

    I really have nothing but positive things to say about MFS. From the moment I walked through the doors to fill out my application to become a first time surrogate, they have been nothing but supportive, informative, and wonderful! I was perfectly matched within a resonable time. If I've had questions they have been there to help assist me. All questions are answered before the day is out, including a Sunday when I fully didn't expect to hear back until "business hours". Their support group meetings have been equally wonderful and informative. We've not only enjoyed the one-on-one surrogate support group meetings, but also the occassional meetings where the kids and hubbies are welcome to join in.

    I am currently in the shots phase of my journey, but have no concerns that the MFS staff will be behind me 100% through the rest of it, wherever it takes me and my IPs. When they come over to help teach your family members how to give you a shot in the rump, they are a special group!!!!

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