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Thread: IVF with PGD due to Anti-Kell/Kell+ status

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    Question IVF with PGD due to Anti-Kell/Kell+ status

    Dr. Doyle,

    My DH and I found out with our most recent pregnancy (our 4th child) that he is positive for the Kell antigen and I am positive for the anti-kell antibodies. We just lost our little girl (Kell+ based on amnio) at 24 weeks, 3 weeks ago, due to preterm labor.

    We miss our baby so much, and still long to complete our family... Would you recommend a patient such as myself with no fertility issues pursue IVF/PGD for our next pregnancy to avoid becoming pregnant with another Kell+ baby, or should we just take our 50/50 chances and try again on our own?

    I guess I am most curious about if you ever see couples with no fertility issues using IVF/PGD to detect and avoid a Kell pregnancy.... or am I being too overly cautious?

    Thank you for you help!
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    In my opinion I would definitely use PGD to make the pregnancy as safe as
    possible. Why roll the dice?

    Good Luck !

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