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Thread: How soon can you experience preggo symptoms after 3dt?

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    Default How soon can you experience preggo symptoms after 3dt?

    Is it possible to start experiencing fatigue and other symptoms 3-4 days after a 3dt? Can it be something other than the meds?

    When on average did any of you start to feel pregnant?

    I'm *really* trying to not get my hopes up, but last night, and Tuesday night I woke up around 4-5am with little pinches in my lower abdomen on the same side. That would only have been 2.5 and 3.5 dpt...could it have been implantion that early? The last 2 days I am completely wiped out...more so than I ever was the last 2 cycles. I can help but hope it's something other than the meds....
    Oh, and my bbs have been feeling kinda...burny almost, close to my armpits, but it's off and on, not constant.

    I'm rambling now! :blush: :@
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    Its hard to say. I remember feeling all the same stuff with both transfers. Whether they were actual signs of anything or not I have no idea. I think my TRUE preggo symptoms didn't happen until 3 weeks after transfer or so.

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    Well, I have transferred 2x, both with 3d embryos and both times were successful transfers. I have been lucky to never experienced a negative result from IVF.
    But, for me, the symptoms started within a few days.
    I can't remember all of them, but some were what you described...tired more than usual, pinching in the uterus area, sore breasts, I also was pretty puky.

    Good luck!
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    I am 5.5dp3dt and I feel like I've got symptoms that I didn't get last time from the drugs. This is only my second transfer, the first was negative, this time we transferred 3 grade A embies. The first time I got the usual puky kind of feeling, some heartburn, but not much in the way of symptoms. But this time, starting about 3dpt I started waking up feeling woozy and RAVENOUS. I have been way more tired than usual (I napped ALL afternoon today) and more of that woozy feeling if I havn't eaten. Lots of feeling puky but no actual vomiting. It's pretty much like when I was pregnant with my son, but I'm worried I'm just reading too much into this.

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