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    Question Mixing sperm

    Hello Dr. Doyle,

    I'm a 1st time surrogate for a gay male couple. We're doing at-home inseminations, fresh ejaculate in a syringe, and they don't want to know who is the biological father of their baby until the baby is born.

    We've had 1 cycle of insems, perfect timing with fertile window and ovulation, and I did not conceive. Obviously, I understand it can take more than one try ;-) But I'm curious if their method might in fact be stifling their efforts.

    They're mixing their sperm into one syringe. I've briefly read something regarding antibodies, but I can't find more specific information on this. Do you have any insight? Are their sperm killing each other? I thought maybe if we split the insems during the day (1 in the morning with one, and a second in the evening with the other), that would possibly not only hit ovulation timing better, but then a possible antibody problem might be avoided. Would splitting up insems still cause the same problems as mixing sperm if there is an antibody issue? I can't imagine how... Maury Povich makes a living on this unknown information...

    Thanks for your help,

    PS - how high should my hips be canted for best results during the insems?

    PPS - I've also read lying down on my side, is that better than canted hips on a pillow? How do I know which side? What if I pick the wrong side? Can I tell which ovary the egg comes out of?

    Thanks for your help Dr. Doyle

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    I think your idea of keeping the semen samples separate and doing two insemination is a very good one, in case one sample is affecting the other one, as well as to increase the odds of fertilization. After the insemination, you might also try putting a pillow under your hips for 30 minutes. It should not matter from which side you ovulate.

    Good Luck !

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