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Thread: Baby Mama Not a good view of surrogates...

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    Smile a bit long but .......

    Quote Originally Posted by Pennylane9996 View Post
    It's a COMEDY, Those women are comedic actors. It's a joke, it' s sill,
    it's meant to be sill.
    Tina Fey ( the IM) is JUST AS nutty as Amy Pohler ( the GS).
    They are both gooofy & funny . I have seen countless movies where women
    of all sorts are depicted as lunatics, jealous, b*tchy, eyc.
    I have seen numerous movies where gay men are depicted as flamboyant and
    flashy & dancy & nutty ( Jack on Will & Grace).
    It's stereo type comedy.
    As an IM I can say that this movies doesn't reflect what I think of surrogacy or of GS's , it's a comedy.
    As an IM this movie would NOT cause me to disrespect my surro.
    First of all please forgive my typo's ( bad keyboard.LOL) I meant Silly & ETC.

    Amen back at you, Thank you for the support . I realize I went against the grain here but I meant what
    I said. Comedy. Comedy. Comedy

    Quote Originally Posted by Kymztwinz View Post
    Donna, I don't think our point of contention with the movie is what we in the surrogacy community feel about the movie, it's what the general public who doesn't know the first thing about surrogacy might feel about it. I think that all of us can agree that the movie will be funny and most of us I'm sure will be able to laugh freely about the comedy. But we can also know what is clearly fact and fiction, where the producers and writers have stretched the truth a bit, and which portrayals are pure stereotype to add to the comedic flavor.
    I TOTALLY respect your concern but surrogacy has been brought into the public eye in a very respectful way by many celebrities and many of the message boards. It's a very honorable & respectable gift to ANYONE
    of intelligence. I think that only the ignorant people ( who were already ignorant to this subject) will take this movie seriously. Look at all of the " big name" people who have turned to surrogacy & even those who are not famous but eternally grateful. Surrogacy will become more & more respected for the gift that it is regardless of silly movies. It's a huge, huge gift & nothing can lessen the respect that " INTELLIGENT " people have for surro mom's !!

    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysMommie View Post
    Well said !! .
    Really I think the general public have some ideas of surrogacy or smart enough to not take a comedy as true to face information providing doucmentery. If that was the case all the paraody movies really need to stop being produced because the public is totally misinformed.
    Wait I take that back there are a FEW that will take it as gold but that speaks for it's self really, :@ those are ones that get their news from "Inquirer" there are always a few of them.
    I agree 100% . What do we care about those who think a comedy means surrogacy is a joke?
    I am a part of surrogacy as an IM and I don't feel ashamed or insulted by this movie because I'm blessed & proud that I had the opportunity to find out about surrogacy, to live in a time where a child through surrogacy is possible
    and to have a child thanks to a surrogate. For those of you who are hurt by the move I am sorry & I thank you for all you have done and
    think the world of surro- mom's !!!!

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    i think this will be okay. I have seen more and more previews about this movie and I can see they are working it from a compassionate angle. I think the producers really do like Surrogacy and ARE trying to put a positive, if not hillarious spin on it.
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