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    Topics may include the screening process, qualities to look for in an SM/IP, typical requirements for becoming an SM, etc.

    1. Hello, I was wondering what minimum age do you have to be to donate eggs, or be either an ai or gs surrogate? - Lydia in Ontario, Canada

    2. Hi. Would you know how old a woman must be to be a surrogate mother? I am 47 years old and I know a couple that desparately want a child. I want to do this at no cost to them. However, I believe I might be too old. Would you please respond? Thank you. - Marsha in OH

    3. Everywhere I read, it seems that the surrogate moms are already married, and already have children of their own. I don't fit either of these categories. Is this a requirement? Also, I'm a college student, I carry a light class load, and stress is minimal. If I had to, I would take time off, but I'd rather not. Aside from these specifics, I need to know EVERYTHING that I would need to do. I understand the basics health requirements, and the giving up the baby part, but I know there must be more. Can you help me out? - Marjorie in Michigan

    4. What are my chances of becoming a surrogate mother if I have never been pregnant before? Are most parents looking surrogates that already have children? - Kelly in Kansas

    5. How much money or how financially secure do I need to be to become a surrogate? - Kelly in Kansas

    6. I was wondering if haveing my tubes tied would effect the possibility of becoming a surrogate for a family member? Do I need to reverse the procedure? - Anonymous in AZ

    7. I have met a wonderful couple and plan to be their GS. I am just getting ready to begin the screening process. My question is this: About 4 years ago, I had a genital wart. It was removed and I have been free of them ever since. Will this be held against me? Will I still be able to be a GS? - Donna

    8. I have had 2 successful pregnancies 4 and 6 years ago. Both pregnancies went fine, and I had no complications or health problems since then. But I have been unable to get motivated enough to loose my pregnancy weight gains (plus some additional from prior to my pregnancies). My question is would I still be a qualified candidate for surrogacy, considering I am about 60 pounds overweight? - Anonymous

    9. I would love to surrogate, but I want to know if the fact that I have genital herpes type "a" will make it so I am not allowed to be a surrogate. I have 3 children, the 3rd born during an outbreak with NO complications, or even worries from my doctor. - Anonymous in WA

    10. I am a 26 yr old mother of a beautiful 3 yr old boy and am now considering becoming a surrogate. My husband thinks it is a wonderful idea but we are a bit concerned, Because of two abortions that I had when I was younger.Will my decisions fron my past about my abortions hurt my opportunity to become a surrogate now???? - Lisa in OH

    11. I am currently 43 and would like to be a surrogate via IVF. However, some of my menstrual period have been a little "light" lately. I was wondering if an older woman cannot provide a good "host" uterus if they are becoming closer to "the change?" - Cindy

    12. I am 19 years old and I would like to know if I am too young? I am not looking for any compensation. I just want to help out a couple. I have wanted to do this since I was 12 and feel that I am now ready. Also, are all the hormones needed? - Dayna in OH

    13. Hi! I am a 20 year old(soon to be 21 in March) who would like to be a surrogate(GS). I don't have any children of my own, but have the go-ahead from my ob/gyn saying that I am able to have children. I have not been able to find an agency that will take someone who has not had children. Do you know of any or have any advice? - Erin

    14. Does it matter how old your surrogate is for IVF? I have a friend that is 43 that has had four boys who would be willing to be our surrogate, is that ok? What are the risks if any? - Shauna

    15. Hi, my wife & I have a surrogate. She is very excited about doing this for us. However we found out that the clinic requires the surrogate to have children. We already had some lab work done & had our medical records transferred to the clinic, but when we made an appointment with the phychologist she was shocked that the clinic didn't tell us that. Now what do we do??? - Kevin/Theresa in Concord, CA

    16. I am 25 and have two healthy beautiful baby boys. I am currently in counseling for some childhood issues with my mother and am wondering if that, in any way, would make me an undesirable candidate for surrogacy. I would love to help a couple that cannot have their own child as I know several people who are childless for medical reasons and the despair it causes them. - Anonymous

    17. I am contemplating being a GS Surrogate for a friend who would like to have a child but is unable to carry it on her own. She is currently 40 and I am 38. Would age be a factor in her donating her eggs or a factor in my carrying her fetus? - Theresa in GA

    18. I am a 28 year old mother of three. I would like to know what are the qualifications on becomming a surrogate mother? I am deeply interested. - Tamara Salaun(Tamy)

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