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    Topics may include compensation, covered expenses, overall costs, etc.

    18. I am thinking about becoming a surrogate mother. I am concerned about requesting too much as a fee. I have noticed in many of your responses to such questions, you have given different amounts... one time you suggested 10-18,000. To another question, you responded 15-21,000. My question is, is that really enough? As a surrogate, you must completely change your life for the time being. Not only for the child, but for the IP. You must give up a large portion of you life and privacy. Is it really too much to expect around 50,000? If so, why? - Brenda in SC - Top

    Hi Brenda,

    Yes, I have mentioned different price ranges due to my experience of knowing surrogates and knowing what they are getting for their compensation. You can ask for as much as you want. This does change your life and many adjustments must take place while being a surrogate, but, most of us surrogates aren't doing this only for the money.

    The ranges of compensation are all different amounts. You would also need to consider if you are using your own egg. I would say each and every surrogacy is unique and there are alot of factors that need to be considered.

    I hope this helps a little,
    (Just my opinion)



    There is no one set for for being a surrogate because every situation and every person is different so that is while you will see such varied fees. The average is 10,000 - 20,000 for a first time AI /GS surrogate. An experienced surrogate may charge more but I can not think of anyone asking for more than 25,000. You have to remember that in addition to the surrogates fee the Intended Parents have other expenses to cover including such things as lost wages, child care, travel, maternity clothing, all medical and legal expenses and more. I think a 50,000 fee would make surrogacy out of reach for most people.

    If we had been required to pay such a large fee we would not be expecting our little bundle of joy due in April. Our SM became a surrogate because she wanted to help someone who could not have children and because she wanted a particular birth experience.

    Lynn in VA


    As an intended parent, I can tell you that we feel that no amount of money can truly compensate our surrogate for the wonderful gift of life that she is giving us. But I can also tell you that as a family with only a moderate income there is no way we would be able to afford any more than what we paid, and our surrogate's fee is at the low end of the scale. I think that the best surrogates are doing this not for financial gain, but for the feeling that bringing joy and happiness into someone's life gives them in return.

    I think you would be unable to find any intended parents willing or able to pay $50,000 for a surrogate, but since this is an open "market", you are more than welcome to try.

    I wish you luck.

    Linda P - Updated: February 13, 2000

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