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    Topics may include compensation, covered expenses, overall costs, etc.

    13. My best friend has offered to be our surrogate. This will be a GS Surrogacy, using my eggs and my husbands sperm. My friend expects no fee, this is her gift to us. My question is: What will be the basic expense for this procedure, since we won't be paying a surrogate fee? - Anonymous in GA - Top

    Dear Anonymous,

    Your friend may not be expecting a fee, but remember that any and all pregnancy-related expenses must be paid by you:

    • Psychological evaluation

    • STD tests on surrogate and her partner

    • STD testing on the genetic parents

    • Counselling during the pregnancy if wanted by surrogate XX sessions/month

    • lost wages

    • childcare for procedures

    • travel expenses to/from doctor's appointments

    • household help if she's on bedrest, etc.

    You really need a contract between you, especially being friends, it tells all parties what is expected from each other. She should have her own lawyer familiar with surrogacy to review the contract for her and be sure that it meets her needs (usually about $500).

    You will need to pay for the retrieval and transfer ($6 to $10k), for drugs for both of you -- follicle stimulating ones and Lupron for you, Lupron, Estrogen and Progesterone for her (~$3,000-$4,000).

    If she has medical insurance to pay for the pregnancy and delivery, you will need to pay for any co-pays she might have. If she doesn't have insurance, you will need to either purchase some for her or pay for the pregnancy/delivery out of pocket.

    You should purchase a life insurance policy of about $250,000 on your surrogate's life in case anything should happen to her during the pregnancy. This policy is payable to her husband and children for their loss (even though it is realized that no amount of money could replace her!). Ours cost about $175 for a 6 month period.

    You will also need to pay the legal and court costs to have your names put on the birth certificate at birth. This process usually is done during the second trimester and depending on your lawyer's rates could cost anywhere from $1,500 and up.

    A good place to start is with the sample contract in the SMO Articles section. It's fairly comprehensive and is a compilation of several contracts.

    Our surrogacy would have cost about $20,000 without fees or the extra costs of donor eggs. We did not have childcare expenses, but our surrogate has lost wages of $200/week for 16 weeks since she was carrying twins, stopped working at 28 weeks per doctor's orders and had a c-section (8 week mandatory recovery period from her work).

    Best of luck
    Linda P
    Mom to Denver and Danielle via DE/GS


    The basic expenses for GS can vary depending on a lot of factors. The biggest expense will be the IVF procedure which is about 10,000.00. Your cost may be more or less depending on your insurance coverage and your RE's protocal. Two factors that can affect your cost are: how many eggs you produce when stimulated and how many transfers it takes to achieve pregnancy.

    Although your friend has offered to do this for you as a gift (you lucky girl) it should not end up costing her anything so you need to be prepared to buy her maternity clothes, pay her lost wages if she misses work due to the surrogacy (very possible with multiples), purchase life insurance to cover her throughout the contract period, pay any medical insurance premiums that she does not already pay, pay for all medical, legal, and psychological expenses for her and yourselves, pay for childcare needed for appointments or in case of bedrest, provide or pay for household help in case of bedrest, and pay any travel expenses related to the surrogacy. I'm sure I missed something but as you can see, there are a lot of things to consider. Good Luck and hug your friend for me, she's a special person.

    Lynn - Updated: February 13, 2000

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