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  • Q & A: Just Starting Out - Surrogacy

    For those just starting down the surrogacy path. Topics may include finding the right match, pros and cons of independent vs. agency, where to start, etc.

    5. I am becoming an independent surrogate mother and I have to know what I can do to get more responses to my ad and what questions to ask the prospective parents? What fees should I ask for as compensation? - Anonymous in TX - Top

    Anon in Texas,

    Congradulations on deciding to become a surrogate. The best thing you can do to get a good response to your ad is to give as much info as possible about your desires as far as surrogacy go. You should post wether you want
    to do Traditional Surrogacy (TS or AI) or Gestational Surrogacy (GS) or both. You should state what kind of support system you have for during the surrogacy. You may also want mention your health and the health of your immediate family. Let them know if you have insurance that will cover the pregnancy and delivery.

    As for asking the Intended Parents (IPs) some good questions to ask are:

    • What type of surrogacy are you looking at (TS or GS)?

    • How much contact and involvment do you want with me during the pregnancy?

    • How much contact do you want with me after the baby is born?

    • How do you feel about multiples, selective reduction, and under what circumstances would abortion become an issue?

    • If doing GS how may embryos do you plan on transferring?

    • What type of birth are they expecting: hospital, medicated, unmedicated, home birth, birthing pool and so on?

    • Who will choose the OB and hospital or midwife; the surrogate, the IPs, or both?

    • How do you plan to cover my expenses and ask for a detailed plan?

    As for fees, surrogacy should not cost you or your family anything but not all IPs are wealthy so be careful what you ask for because you may miss out on some great IPs because they can't afford you. Some things you should ask for are:

    • All travel over 50 miles required by the surrogacy

    • Child care expenses when needed because of the surrogacy ie., Dr appt

    • Household help if you are placed on bedrest during the pregnancy

    • Replacement wages if you now work and you are required to stop working during the pregnancy

    • An allowance for maternity clothes

    • All medical expenses

    • Your fee

    I'm sure there plenty more but I hope this helps you in your search for IPs.

    Good Luck,
    Lynn - Updated: March 14, 2000

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